OLM to PST Converter – Converts OLM files to PST files with ease!

OLM to PST Converter – Easily convert your OLM files into PST files

Migrating from Mac to Windows is common these days, but what makes users think twice before switching?

Usually migrating data from one OS to another is a time taking process which often results in loss of data and important contacts. But this belief stands shattered as we bring you the OLM to PST Converter Pro.

OLM to PST converter: An innovative product from our side for the people who need to migrate from MS Outlook for Mac to MS Outlook for Windows without putting much effort or wasting any time. This OLM file converter was developed while keeping in mind, the needs of the modern day user; our software fulfills its purpose as it can convert OLM to PST in a matter of minutes and that too without losing any data. That is what makes it special and unique in its class.

What are OLM and PST?

The Mac version of MS Outlook saves your data (including account info, calendars, contacts and emails) in a confidential database which you cannot access. The program doesn’t grant full access to it, but its functionality can provide you with the possibility of exporting your data into into a portable file with an OLM extension. This file is an archive which contains all your personal information that is mentioned above. While the Windows version of MS Outlook uses .pst format for saving its data.

Why use the OLM to PST Converter Pro?

OLM to PST Converter Pro is very effective in migrating files and easy to use. It transfers and converts OLM to PST just in a few minutes with a couple of clicks.

OLM to PST Converter pro will support you to transfer your OLM files and convert them into PST files. Just a few simple steps and the work will be done. It means that from now on, you don’t need to copy all your data manually. With our OLM to PST converter, the whole process will take just a couple of minutes and you don’t have to worry about misplacing any data.

OLM to PST converter offers some groundbreaking features:

  • Transfers OLM to PST (including contacts, calendar events and email addresses).
  • The hierarchical structure of the original OLM folder will be preserved. No mixing up of emails and contacts and the originality of data will be maintained.
  • Preserves all your contact data and message attachments. Moreover, OLM to PST converter gives a special treatment to all nested messages.
  • Preserves all Non-English content including Chinese, Japanese and other double- byte characters.
  • Transforms all calendar events from OLM calendar to MS Outlook calendar folder. It is also capable of merging several address book folders into one single folder. The software also preserves Unicode content. It processes about 60 address book fields that prevent even minor data loss.
  • Converts all addresses from the OLM file to MS Outlook PST file and places them in the dedicated folder. It can also merge several address book folders into one single «contacts» folder, which is an added benefit of our program.
  • OLM to PST Converter Pro can effortlessly handle a large number of files with an *.olm extension situated at different locations and export them one by one into OLM files. This feature proves to be very useful in a situation where you have to convert many OLM files from different users and have to convert them at one time.
  • Our OLM to PST converter is very easy to use: it works fast; it is effective and without any complications. The OLM to PST Converter Pro is the answer to all of your questions when it comes to migrating data from Mac to Outlook.

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